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Colored Tampons?!

Posted on Nov 9, 2011 by 4 Comments

Who says your vajayjay (as Oprah calls it) can’t have style? I mean, if all the rest of you is decked out, looking fly why not your pooty? Nothing like adding a little color down there, even if you are going to just throw that applicator/paper away. I sooo get this. I soooo get the need for this. I soooo want these tampons by Kotex! Totally. Natch.

Ok, I’m sooooo clearly not the target market for this new ad campaign/design for “U by Kotex”. Are you? Oh, and if I haven’t lost you men yet, don’t stop reading because there really is a ‘silver lining’ to this…

Have you seen any ads or videos yet? It’s ridiculous in my book. Colored plastic applicators for tampons. Pads with an ‘edgy’ new look. They even have a “designer series” called “Punk Glam.” If that weren’t enough (and it is, it is!!) you can Read more…

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