Surprise! We’re Pregnant!

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Surprise! We’re Pregnant!

Remember that first moment when you had the inkling that you might be pregnant? First, you were excited, followed by nervous, proceeded quickly by scared witless but then, after a breath or two, you were back to over the moon excited.

Then you ran to the nearest drug store and bought 1, 2, 10 early detection pregnancy tests and to the bathroom you went.

Each time that I saw the + sign or the two lines in the window of my pregnancy test (all 12 times I took it for each pregnancy), I nearly fainted where I stood. I was in shock. It was not expected.

Sure, we had been having unprotected sex, and sort of planning on getting pregnant, but each time it surprised me, like finding a marshmallow in your Lucky Charms. You know they are there but they never seem to be in your bowl.

The first time I found out that I was pregnant, I couldn’t contain myself. My husband walked through the door and I assaulted him with, “I’m Pregnant!” just to make sure he was equally as taken aback as I had been. He was.

But I always wished, especially with that first pregnancy, that I had been a little cooler with my delivery. It was a miracle and it demanded a spectacular reveal, but I missed the mark because I was too busy being freaked out.

Since then, I’ve announced another pregnancy, that time with a little more finesse, but I really wish I could have a do-over on the first time I announced our big news.

If I could do it all again, I’d announce my first pregnancy in a really big way. Here are some of my ideas:

  1. Run your partner a hot bubble bath after a long day. Take a baby bottle and write a note inside that tells him you are pregnant; toss the positive pregnancy test in there too just for giggles. He’ll get in ready to relax, sit on the bottle and find the note. Within minutes you’ll have a little full frontal action coming at you, covered in bubbles.
  2. If you have a toddler, have them scribble on the wall with washable crayons, while you write, “Get ready for round two of spontaneous wall art!” Feign outrage at the mess and call your husband over to take a look at what your kid has done. Then hand him a tissue and a Mister Clean sponge.
  3. Have an airplane fly over your family reunion pulling a sign behind it that reads, “Congratulations (your husband’s name here)! Baby on Board!”
  4. Take a photo of your positive pregnancy test and have it blown up into a billboard strategically placed on your husband’s route home from work. The billboard should read, “Baby (your last name here) Coming 2013.”
  5. Fill the spare room with blue and pink balloons and send your husband into that room for something. Tie the positive pregnancy test to a giant balloon in the center of the room and wait for the reaction.

There are several other ways to announce a pregnancy in a big way. Your only limitation is your imagination and poor planning skills (if you are like me). How did you announce your pregnancy?

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