Student Gets Civil Stalking Restraining Order Against Parents

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Student Gets Civil Stalking Restraining Order Against Parents

I read recently about a 21-year-old theater student, Aubrey Ireland, who obtained a civil stalking restraining order against her parents after convincing a judge that they attempted to control all aspects of her daily life.

My mind was blown because what a stab in the heart it must have been for her parents who wanted nothing more than to care for her, and she basically went over their heads to have them removed from her life.

Judge Jody Luebbers ruled in her favor, and ordered that her parents must stay at least 500 feet from their only child until September 2013.

What? As a parent, that ruling would have simultaneously broken my heart and pissed me off. There is no way that I would continue paying her tuition.

“They basically thought that they were paying for my college tuition and living expenses, that they could tell me what to do who to hang out with … basically control all of my daily life,” Ireland told ABC News.

Sounds to me that Aubrey wanted her freedom and Mommy and Daddy were cramping her style.

They wanted to make sure that she was safe and staying out of trouble; they installed spyware on her computer and phone to keep track of her. They even went so far as demanding that she leave her skype open all night long so that they could keep an eye on her.

I remember my mom trying to do the same thing. She scheduled a call for every Friday night at 9 pm to assure that I was in my dorm room. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t realize that I could still go hit the frat parties afterwards.

Wouldn’t it have been easier and less detrimental to her relationship with her parents had Aubrey simply have spoken to them about the situation and let them know that it was a bit overboard to demand she let them watch her sleep?

Also, why are her parents so concerned that she is going to get into trouble? People aren’t usually that untrusting unless their child has given them a reason to be. I think Aubrey may be more responsible for her parents behavior than she is leading on.

I completely understand wanting to grow up and your parents having a bit of trouble letting you do so. I think that is a pretty common problem and will probably only become more common with the rise in helicopter parents today.

It’s hard to spend your child’s entire life hopelessly devoted to them only to have them look for the first escape route they can find.

Aubrey claims that her parents, David and Julie Ireland, were diagnosed with co-dependency disorder. Her parents say their daughter is just a good actor and is lying. I say if her parents were diagnosed, there is paperwork somewhere at a psychiatrist’s office and it should be fairly easy to prove or refute.

Because Aubrey has cut all ties with them in a very public way, they now want a refund of the $66,000 they’ve already paid toward her education. I don’t blame them one bit. She has broken their heart.

Too bad she doesn’t realize she has cut the two people who love her the most in the world out of her life. She will miss that when she has children of her own, and she will understand what a travesty it is to throw your parent’s love back in their faces.

Do you think she should be liable for the $66,000?

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  • Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks

    Every action has a consequence. From my perspective, it seems like a case of helicopter parenting. I don’t blame the student for seeking a more formal separation from her parents. I also think the money already put towards her education is history. But, if the parents aren’t happy with their daughter’s actions, they certainly have every right to opt out of paying any of her costs going forward. Independence is what she asked for and that she will receive!