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My first question when I heard about Steri Bottle was “why single use?” Then I got my head outta my you know what and thought – how brilliant! Just think – no more washing bottles! Oh, the freedom.

Of course, I’m a little more of a pack rat than that, and I can’t see myself tossing a bottle every time I use one, but it is tempting. Especially when I look in my diaper bag and see that bottle from yesterday’s trip to the playground still in there, festering. Yuck.

Let me back up and tell you a little about Steri bottle. They heard I was going on vacation and were so kind as to offer to send me a sample for our trip. Knowing that I didn’t have much room to spare on my carry on (who does!) and that I would need a number of bottles for the ALL DAY travel day, I said “yes oh my yes!”

Steri Bottle is made for single use. It’s a recyclable, BPA and Phthalate-free plastic 10 oz. sterile bottle. You can use it any time, really, but it seems just perfect for traveling (take and toss) or early morning feedings where your hands are fumbling and the last thing you want to do is wash a bottle. Or the quick trip to the playground with your older tot that happens to fall right during meal time for your infant (as is always the case with us).

On our travel day, Steri bottle was so perfect. Come time to eat, I simply opened the package, poured in the milk and we were on our way to nap time for my two-and-a-half year old. (FYI, nap time is always preceded by a bottle of milk for my older tot who, since her little sister was born, likes to drink milk from a bottle) If the milk isn’t drunk, the nap won’t happen, so this is critical. Steri bottle worked like a charm. It even heated well in a cup of hot water.

Now, unfortunately for my six month old things didn’t go so smoothly. It’s my fault, really…I didn’t prepare her for drinking from this new nipple (rookie mistake). I should know better. In fact, I do know better, but I just forgot. Swiss cheese brain.

So, come time for the baby’s mealtime and nothing. Oh, the bottle did great, only the baby wouldn’t drink from it. Clamped her mouth down like an alligator – did you know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to open an alligator’s mouth once it’s shut? Don’t try it, just take my word for it. Won’t open. Won’t happen. Their jaw muscles are like the strongest muscles in the animal kingdom or so they tell us growing up in Bayou country.

Well, that was my littlest one. No amount of coaxing and shoving and distracting would open her mouth once she got wind of that new nipple. It wasn’t so much nipple confusion as it was nipple refusal.

Panic…but, I did happen to remember one of her bottles, so we weren’t completely up the creek.

On the one hand, we had a single use sterile bottle for one child and on the other we had a non-single use, constant washing bottle for the other. Ahh, the joys of two kids.

If you’re interested in Steri bottle, you can find them at Babies R Us or Amazon. I would recommend them highly for back up bottles, travel bottles or when you just don’t have a clean bottle ready and don’t want to wash one!

Steri bottle costs $5.99 for a five pack or $9.99 for a 10 pack. At around $1 a bottle, that’s a pretty good deal.

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