Soothie Pacifier Designed for Babies 0-6 Months

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Soothie Pacifier Designed for Babies 0-6 Months

When my first baby was born, I had all kinds of advice including whether or not to use a pacifier. I nursed, and my daughter didn’t like a pacifier. She acted like I was trying to make her take some God-awful medicine, and in a way I was.

I was trying to find the magic tool to help quiet her when she was fussy. My friend, who has an almost two month, old is experiencing the same mixed advice, but the hospital provided her with a Soothie Pacifier which little Nathan accepts during bouts of fussiness even though he’s nursing. 

Soothie Most Often Used by Hospitals

Today, the Soothie Pacifier is the choice of more than 2,000 hospitals around the nation. The nipple size and shape of these hospital-grade silicone pacifiers are made for newborns and babies without teeth, and the durable one-piece design limits nooks and crannies where germs can breed. Plus they can be sterilized.

Once home, my girlfriend bought a half dozen or so at Walmart to have on hand.

Soothie Pacifier Clips

To avoid chasing a dropped pacifier, Soothie Pacifier clips help keep the Soothie attached and handy when it is needed. Clips come in a number of cute designs like the bee with a honey pot, a blue penguin with an igloo, or a pink flower with a green petal clip.

My girlfriend found that not all Soothies are exactly the same, and the one she received at the hospital was a bit different from the ones she bought at Walmart.

The clips at Walmart did not work on the pacifier she brought home from the hospital. She finally found one made by the First Years Company that worked.


Wubbanubs are cuddly, cute, and washable.


Just like there are different camps of advice on using a pacifier, there are different thoughts on whether or not clips are really a safe option. The Wubbanub is a different kind of option. It’s a stuffed animal that keeps the pacifier close.

Babies love the plush cuddly feel and bright colors. I love this option. It was designed by a mom and it shows. 

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