She Got Her What Pierced?

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She Got Her What Pierced?

Piercings are just weird. I am sorry, I know that it is an uncool thing to say, but seeing someone with their finger up their nose fiddling with the inside of their nose piercing is not attractive in the least.

Lips, eyebrows, tongue, belly-button, you name the body part and they have a piercing for it (and yes, that too!).

I can remember when having more than one earring in your ear was considered edgy. That’s like remembering when movies were rated R because a woman was shown wearing just a bra and panties. Now, multiple ear piercings are acceptable amongst the most conservative PTA members, and if you want to be edgy you shoot for gauges.

Gauges are a series of increasingly larger plugs that help you stretch the hole in your ear over a period of time. I don’t see the attraction, but apparently it is the coolest way to decorate your ears.

I once saw a National Geographic magazine that had images of African tribesmen with big holes in their earlobes. I bet they didn’t even know they were ahead of the trend. Every time I see someone with eraser sized gauges in their ears, I can think of only one thing.

I’m glad that gauging nose piercings hasn’t caught on!

I have my ears pierced – just once.  I think all of my older kids either have piercings or have had them at one point in time. It’s remained pretty conservative – no tongue or nipple piercings that I know of.

In our state, kids can’t get a piercing of any sort without parental approval. I watched as my then 15 year old got a lip piercing and I think it hurt me worse than it did her. She had it for a year or so and then got tired of it – you can’t tell it was ever there, now.

What are your thoughts about piercings? Are they a way to creatively express yourself, or just another way for kids to assert their rejection of their parents’ conservative lifestyles?

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