Scoring Deals at the Drugstore

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Scoring Deals at the Drugstore

With baby number three on the way, my hubs and I have come to some very real conclusions; the first is that our spending habits are going to need to change a bit.

Now, we’re not the family with all the new stuff … yes, I have a soft spot for technology and he for dinner out. But we both drive vehicles that are 10+ years old, have no credit card debt, and are strict budgeters.

We also have very real ideas about how we want things to be when we’re older, and if we’ve learned anything from the economic downturn, it’s that we’re really the only ones controlling our futures (meaning, retirement).

So, that means I’ve gone back to couponing. Not seriously-crazy extreme couponing, but definitely an acute awareness that there are things I use all the time that I can get for free.

If I can get them for free, why wouldn’t I? And believe it or not, one of the best places to do this is at the drugstore.

Here’s four things I keep in mind.

I rarely take advantage of the “buy one get one 50% off” sales. Why? Because it’s not really that great of a deal. You’re really only getting 25% off each item and the truth is, even if you have a high-value coupon, you could get it cheaper if you waited it out.

I buy food at the drugstore. My favorite ice cream ever is Ben and Jerry Half Baked frozen yogurt. The brownie chunks … the cookie dough … mmm.

But at more than $5 a pint? I rarely buy it. However, I do happen to know that two drugstores nearby often have it on sale for $2.99/pint. So whenever I come across a coupon for it, I print as many as I can; I can justify $1.99/pint.

I scrutinize “buy one get one free” deals. These frequently happen with vitamins, cough syrup, and other health items that only go on sale once every few months.

And cold and flu items are often only on a (good) sale in the fall. Since the expiration dates are long, I stock up. And typically I can find a coupon to help save some extra dough.

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