Science Tech Rock Tumbler Is Fun for Kids, Despite Its Design Flaws

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Science Tech Rock Tumbler Is Fun for Kids, Despite Its Design Flaws

My son’s favorite subject in school is science and he’s taken a particular liking to rock collecting. So, I wasn’t too surprised when he wanted a rock tumbler for his birthday.

Our Science Tech rock tumbler was purchased from Hobby Lobby using one of their 40% off coupons. The store we visited also had refill kits, but you don’t need to buy one of these right away.

The rock tumbler comes with a fair amount of rocks and you’re not supposed to overfill the barrel. Since the polishing process takes about two weeks to complete, you aren’t going to need more rocks for quite some time.

Before using this rock tumbler, take the time to read all of the instructions. The operation of the gadget is a little quirky. It won’t turn on unless the tumbling barrel is in the right way and the safety cover is secure. Also, you need to push the day selector button first before you can hit the power button to start the polishing process.

If at all possible, put this rock tumbler in the most secluded area of your house. It is extremely loud.

We have ours plugged in the basement with a towel filled box over it to help muffle the noise. I had originally planned to let my son keep it in his room, but there’s no way he’d be able to sleep with the racket it makes.

Despite these flaws, however, this is a fun toy for any science loving kid. It teaches patience and there are lots of cool crafts your child can complete with the polished rocks.

The tumbler includes a kit with the supplies for making necklaces, key chains, and rings, but you could also buy your own jewelry findings or use the rocks as decorations for wooden picture frames or boxes.

Photo credit: Hobby Lobby

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    These are great fun… but like you said very noisy. We kept ours running in the basement, too.