Scented and Glittered Sidewalk Chalk

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Scented and Glittered Sidewalk Chalk

Spring is still quite a few months away, but when you are desperate for a rainy day project, making sidewalk chalk is a really cool thing to do.

This sidewalk chalk is especially desirable because not only is it glittery, it has different scents. You can use essential oils or scents that are meant for candles, soap and body lotions to make multi-sensory sidewalk chalk without spending a ton of money.

This chalk can be used on any blackboard. In fact, if you have painted a wall in your home with blackboard paint, your kids can have a blast with this stuff. It also makes unique, inexpensive gifts for birthdays, Easter baskets, and other celebrations.

You’ll need to add the Tempera paint powder a little at a time until you have the color you are looking for. It’s hard to give an exact amount since it will change from one person to another. Do the same with the scented oil.

This project isn’t too hard to do, but your kids will definitely need your help. So, the next time the great outdoors is too messy to mess with? Pull out your craft supply box and make some memories.

Scented and Glittered Sidewalk Chalk

You will need:

  • 1 cup plaster of Paris
  • 1 cup water
  • Powdered Tempera paint
  • 1/4 cup glitter
  • Few drops of essential oil or scented oil
  • Toilet paper rolls for molds

To Make:

  1. Mix the first five ingredients
  2. Pack firmly into toilet paper rolls
  3. Let set for 24 hours
  4. Remove from mold

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  • Dana Hinders

    I love the idea of chalk that smells! Very creative!

  • marye

    I know. I do too.