Save Time and Money by Making Your Own Baby Food

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Save Time and Money by Making Your Own Baby Food

Whether you’re trying to save money or just want to be confident that your child is eating wholesome food, it’s really not too difficult to make your own baby food at home. I made about half of my son’s baby food and probably spent less than one hour per week on the task.

Fresh produce is a necessity for making your own baby food. You don’t need to grow it yourself unless you’re feeling really ambitious. If you have friends, family, or neighbors who enjoy gardening, you can probably get a lot of their excess produce for your baby.

My dad is an avid gardener and produces more squash every year than he could possibly eat. He’s happy to share with the moms at his workplace who make their own baby food, as are most of the other gardeners he knows. Farmer’s markets also tend to have cheap produce that is grown without any harmful pesticides.

You don’t necessarily need to buy any special tools to make your own baby food, but I’ve heard good things about the Baby Bullet. The Baby Bullet, made by the manufacturer of the popular Magic Bullet, is a small blender and food prep system with date dial storage cups and an easy pop batch tray.

I have a regular Magic Bullet that I’ve been very happy with, so this would certainly be the first thing I’d look into if I was going to be making baby food again.

There are lots of different websites with baby food recipes, but the basic method isn’t hard to master. The food needs to be finely pureed so there are no chunks your baby could choke on.

You should also avoid adding sugar, salt, or other seasonings to the food, since you don’t want your baby to develop a taste for these at an early age.

You can add a little breast milk or formula to the food if you want, but my son seemed to prefer his food plain.

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  • Emily (CityBaby Living)

    I didn’t make any of my first daughter’s food, but intend to try for my second. (I’m now not working CRAZY hours.) thanks for the tips!

  • Living The Scream

    oooh this baby bullet looks awesome! My baby will be starting solids very soon and I think I am going to try and make some of her foods.