Santa’s Welcome Here

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Santa’s Welcome Here

I know that some people feel that Santa Claus is an evil deception that confuses children and erases the line between real and pretend. I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Santa is welcomed in my house.

Because I believe he is real.

My kids laugh at me when I tell them I heard the sleigh on the roof of our house when I was about six years old.  They think I am kidding but I am not.

I see Santa in every generous act, every reminder that the season is one of giving and pursuit of peace no matter what your spiritual beliefs may be.

I love the magic that happens – that feeling that anything can happen during this season of magic and miracles.

I love the color and the festivities, the lights and the decorations. I love the variety of foods and flavors, the smells that seep out of the kitchen, and the memories that are evoked of all of the Christmases that have come before this one.

I love the books, movies, music, and stupid Christmas specials that make me cry.

I love the traditions, and the fact that for one month a year, everyone‘s lives become a Currier and Ives print.

As a Christian, my holiday revolves around the birth of Christ – that is the focus of our Christmas celebration. As a human, I know that not everyone holds the same spiritual values and beliefs as my family does, and Santa is a symbol that crosses all cultures.

Santa is welcome at our house. He will have to kneel before a manger that is the cradle of an infant King, but for me, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit from the jolly old man in red.

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  • Ruby T.

    I agree completely. It’s one thing to experience Santa as a child, another to feel that special joy as an adult because you have Santa in your heart.

  • marye