Romantic Getaway? What about a Winery Tour?

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Romantic Getaway? What about a Winery Tour?

If you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway, you might want to consider a winery tour.

Wineries are popping up all over the United States, so even if you don’t live in California or New York, you may have one closer than you think.

Some of the wineries even have a bed and breakfast type set up so that visitors can tour the winery, enjoy a wine tasting, and relax overnight in a charming bedroom. If the particular winery you will be visiting doesn’t have this type of set up, they can probably recommend a romantic place to stay within a short distance.

Come prepared to do some walking. Vintners will generally take you right out to the grape vines so that they can show you the grape varieties and explain how they are grown and why they use the varieties that they do.

After that, you may be taken to the place where they make the wines and your host will show you the vats and explain how wine is made. Finally, you’ll usually be invited to a wine tasting. This is very simple or very elaborate depending on the winery.

The simplest wine tastings are just that. You will have the opportunity to sample several different types of wine and then you’ll head home. During an elaborate wine tasting, you may enjoy a dinner with several courses and different complimentary wines for each course.

Most likely, your wine tour will be somewhere between the two with cheese, crackers, and fruit being served with the wine.

When you call the winery to find out more about any tours offered, be sure to ask plenty of questions about what you can expect. It would be terrible to go expecting dinner and finding out that only cheese and crackers were offered.

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  • MomHomeGuide

    There are many great wineries in the Bucks County, PA, area, for anyone who lives in the NJ/PA area. I once went to a great chocolate and wine tasting at a Bucks County winery. Fun!

  • Stephanie Precourt

    I’d love to do a tour here on the Oregon coast or in northern California! Have never done a tasting before!


    What a nice idea! And especially with Valentine`s day coming up

  • marye

    I used to live in Warrington. :)