Ravensburger Puzzle Balls Are a Treat for Twilight Fans

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Ravensburger Puzzle Balls Are a Treat for Twilight Fans

Do you have a Twilight fan in the house? If your tween needs a little something to help her cope with the end of the Twilight saga, I suggest picking up this Twilight puzzle ball set from Ravensburger.

In my opinion, this is one of the more unique Twilight keepsakes available.

Bella, Edward, and Jacob are featured on three round puzzle balls that your daughter can put together and proudly display in her room. The stands are included with the puzzle set, so you don’t need worry about buying a special display shelf.

Each puzzle ball has just 60 pieces, so they are not extremely time consuming to put together. The 3D aspect makes them more challenging than a regular puzzle, but most tweens should be able to assemble the puzzle balls on their own.

Although I have not purchased this particular puzzle collection, my son has a few of the other 3D puzzles that Ravensburger makes. They are very well constructed and hold their shape nicely with no glue. In fact, he has a globe puzzle that he likes to keep on display in his room.

If desired, you can buy each Twilight character puzzle individually. However, the three puzzle collection is cheaper than buying separate puzzles.

I also think that the majority of young Twilight fans would appreciate having the entire set for their memorabilia collection, despite the whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate.

What do you think? If your daughter is a Twilight fan, would she like appreciate these puzzles?

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