Rare Identical Triplets Born Among Quadruplets

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Rare Identical Triplets Born Among Quadruplets

Giving birth to quadruplets is still considered rare, but the Negus’ family quads are really rare.

In a typical quadruplet pregnancy, each baby comes from four different eggs, but not so for Sabrina Negus. Her pregnancy was from two eggs. One of those eggs produced identical triplets, Porter, Logan and Mason. The other egg developed separately into the fourth baby boy, Connor.

How rare is this? There’s only been 100 such cases recorded in the U.S.

The parents thought they were having twins, but one ultrasound showed 3 babies, and then another showed 4. Can you imagine being in their shoes? I’d be afraid to go for another ultrasound for fear they’d find I was carrying a litter!

The mom, Sabrina Negus said, “At that point I just started laughing, and Lucas about freaked out.”

She made it to 31 ½ weeks after spending weeks on bed rest. The doctors decided it was time to deliver and what a labor intensive delivery it was. (Pun intended).

Every baby had 2 doctors and a team of 3-4 staff members. About 9 weeks later, all the babies were home. Both parents admit they are incredibly blessed. Sabrina Negus says, “There’s not a thing wrong with these guys. They are absolutely healthy and you could not ask for anything more than that.”

Are they quadruplets?

The world will look at these 4 brothers as quadruplets, but technically they are triplets plus one – all born on the same day. There will be no difference between raising them and raising quadruplets, either. Four diapers to change, 4 little mouths to feed, and 4 babies to get to sleep; amid all the chaos there is also four times the joy, cuddles, first smiles, and more.

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