Punjammies Are Cute, Comfy Way to Support a Good Cause

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Punjammies Are Cute, Comfy Way to Support a Good Cause

Since I work from home and can hypothetically spend all day in my pajamas if I choose, I was thrilled to discover Punjammies. This fabulous website sells women’s pajamas that are inspired by colorful sari designs and made by women who have been rescued, released, or escaped from a life of forced prostitution.

Punjammies is part of the International Princess Project, a initiative that helps former prostitutes get the tools they need to build a new life for themselves.

There are lots of great patterns to choose from when buying your pajamas, but I’m partial to the Sessi design featured in this post. Purple, pink, and teal are my favorite colors, so these jammies make me happy just to look at them!

They also look cute enough that I wouldn’t be totally embarrassed to be caught in them if the UPS guy knocked on my door at 2:00 in the afternoon. (This is a purely hypothetical scenario, of course!)

Punjammies are wide legged with a low rise. Pants and tops are sold separately, which is nice for gals who aren’t perfectly proportioned. For warmer months, there are capris and shorts in some of the more popular fabric options.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is the disclaimer saying that they will shrink significantly if they are washed in warm water or put in the dryer.

I’m terrible when it comes remembering all of the special care instructions for my clothes, so I’d probably get pajamas in a bigger size than normal just to prepare for the eventual shrinkage. (Punjammies are available in sizes XS through XXL, so there is a wide range of sizes to choose from.)

What do you think of Punjammies?

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    We may be biased, but we LOVE PUNJAMMIES. ;)

    Thank you SO much for posting about our PUNJAMMIES!! You rock!! :) And, you’re helping spread the message of HOPE for women freed from forced prostitution.