Preschool Potty Mouth?

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Preschool Potty Mouth?

Have you ever noticed that no matter what you do or how careful you are, kids pick up less than acceptable vocabulary as soon as they start school, whether that is preschool at age three or kindergarten at age five?

It’s almost like you send them off for that first day of school innocently lisping Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and they come back spewing phrases like an experienced Marine Corps drill instructor.

It can be a shocking slap in the face if you aren’t prepared for it.

Don’t take it personally and don’t think that it reflects on your abilities as a parent. The best thing to do is to stay calm. Tell your child that those aren’t words that you use in your family in the most matter of fact tone that you can muster.

Try not to laugh. You may not have problems in that area, but I do. There is something so incongruous about those words coming out of that sweet little face that just makes me want to laugh hysterically – don’t do it. They’ll never stop.

If there is a next time, remind your child again and let them know that from that point on there would be consequences. If it happens again, you have to be ready to enforce those consequences –every, single time.

It would be great if our kids could get through life without picking up words, ideas, and behaviors that we wish they wouldn’t, but it isn’t realistic. Just do the best damage control that you can and try to set a good example.

Do you have tips for handling preschool potty mouth? What has worked at your house?

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