Pipsqueak: A Bluetooth Phone for Kids?

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Pipsqueak: A Bluetooth Phone for Kids?

Earlier today, I stumbled across this article at Mashable; it describes Pipsqueak, the first bluetooth smartphone for kids.

At first, I thought, “what the flip?!?” Because in my head, our kids already have enough damn technology. Not only that, though there is no hard science to back a  link between cell phones and cancer, many frequent users of cell phones wonder if they’re doing damage to themselves when they use their phones.

Hence, the invention called Bluetooth.

But that’s not what I’m hear to talk about. I’m hear to discuss this Pipsqueak phone. Designed by a mom and dad team (and the owners of a company called YipYap), the idea behind the phone is good.

If you communicate primarily via cell phone, you undoubtedly spend a lot of time handing over your phone to your kids to talk to their other parent, grandparents, or even to play Angry Birds. It’s what sometimes happens after you hand over the phone that’s not so great.

Depending on the age of the child, there’s bound to be lots of broken screens, sticky fingerprints, and other miscellaneous happenings. Pipsqueak is designed to be durable and kid friendly; the premise is to be able to reroute calls, via bluetooth, to your child’s phone when they want to talk to someone.

The phone can also serve as an MP3 player, a child locater (for when they’re at the playground), a toy (it seemingly works with Legos?!?), and it’s fully customizable.

There’s no word on price yet because the phone is still in its “inception” phase so to speak. YipYap has turned to Kickstarter to try and raise the funds they need to mass produce the product.

You can read far more about the product at the Kickstarter website. If you choose to back the company, you can actually get a Pipsqueak of your own.

Here’s my question though: while the concept is really great (in my opinion) and I see the reasoning behind it, does this just continue to feed into the “I want more” mentality that many kids are already growing up with? The phone is designed for kids aged 3 and up, but that’s kind of young to have their “own” cell phone, no?

Or am I just overreacting?

What are your thoughts? After viewing the video, is this a product you would purchase for your own child?

Photo credit: YipYap/Kickstarter

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