alcohol media

Video: Alcohol in the Media Tips

Alcohol marketing has become a big part of TV, movies and social media, too. For kids, it’s hard to see past all the flashy ads…

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Twin Births Not as Rare as They Used to Be

Twins run on my husband’s side of the family. His mother had twin sisters, and a couple of his aunts had twins. Plus one of…

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baby hair

Video: How To Maintain the Health of Your Baby’s Hair

Christina Brown, founder of BabyBrownSugar, explains how she protects and maintains her daughter’s natural curls.

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Link Round-up: Salad Jars, DIY Hair Accessories, Kinetic Sand, and More

Today’s link round-up has tips for keeping salads exciting and fresh (as well as easy to take for lunch!), a DIY suede flower comb, a…

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