college parents

Video: Tips on How to Be a Good College Parent

Emory University psychology professor Marshall Duke has given speeches for more than 30 years to nervous parents preparing to leave their children at school. Here…

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link ru pizza sauce

Link Round-up: HIIT Workout, Recipes, Makeup Tips, and More

Today’s link round-up has a HIIT workout that you can do anywhere, sweet and savory pizza sauce, recipes, makeup tips, and more. Tastefully Frugal shared…

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packing a suitcase

Shared Parenting? I’m Skeptical

I’ve been reading a lot about shared parenting after divorce and to be honest I am quite skeptical about it. It’s been my experience, and…

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nightmare nanny

Video: Evicting the Nightmare Nanny

Local legal expert Christina Hinds sits down to give advice on how you can avoid hiring a nightmare nanny!

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