Over-the-Door Racks Add Needed Storage to Small Spaces

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Over-the-Door Racks Add Needed Storage to Small Spaces

It didn’t bother me too much when we moved in, but I HATE my bathroom at the moment.

It is extremely small and lacking in storage space for towels, first aid supplies, makeup, and all of those little odds and ends a busy family needs. Apparently, when my house was first built, storage space was not a priority at all.

Since January seems to be when many stores have sales on baskets, totes, and other storage solutions, I’ve been looking online for ways to organize my bathroom better. One product I found that I really like is this over-the-door storage rack from the Solutions website.

The organizer features a black metal frame with three espresso colored wicker baskets. The frame slips over your door, so there is no need to permanently install anything. Each basket holds up to 11 pounds, so you’d want to be careful not to put anything too heavy in them.

I actually had a product similar to this in my bathroom at one point, but it was made of a cheap plastic that looked terrible and had to be thrown away when it started to crack. The wicker baskets in this organizer would be much prettier to have to look at on a daily basis.

Even though this is listed as a bathroom organizer on the Solutions website, you could use it in your pantry, home office, or anywhere you need a little bit of extra storage space. I think it might be really handy in a nursery if you need a place to store diapering supplies so they are safely out of baby’s reach.

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