Obnoxious People and Airplanes

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Obnoxious People and Airplanes

If I could have titled this post with a explicative starting with an “A,” I totally would have. But this is a family kind of place and I didn’t want to offend anyone.

But did I tell you about the horrible experience I had with my girls this summer? How terribly cluster-crapped our flight was?

No? Oh, well let me enlighten you … because it’s the holidays and many of you will be traveling this holiday season.

We flew on an airline that we had never used before … American Airlines (which, thankfully, has been purchased  by Southwest since then). When we arrived, we were given our seat assignments (now mind you, this might be standard protocol, but I’m used to Jet Blue where you can choose your own seat when you book).

The kid behind the counter at 5am that morning clearly did not want to be there and he also clearly saw that I was towing along a sleepy 2 year old.

As we boarded the plan, I looked at our seating assignments for the first time (I know, I know … I should have looked at the counter), only to realize that we had three seats dispersed throughout the plane. Um, as a parent, you see how this is a problem, right? Poor L was on her very first flight ever … and she was being expected to sit between two total strangers.

My seat was directly across the aisle … which, had she been seated on the aisle, might not have been a big deal because she still could have held my hand. But she was wedged between a large older man and a 20-something college student.

I asked the man to switch seats with me … really, just slide across the aisle … and he refused. Can you believe that? I turned to the stewardess and asked for her assistance, only to be told that I would need to work it out with other passengers. Really?!?

This is clearly part of the reason this airline didn’t survive; but whatever.

After arguing with him (and holding up our entire flight) the man finally relented when I told him that if he didn’t move I was putting my toddler right next to him, and when she started screaming, I was going to pretend I didn’t know her. The college student gave him a pleading look and he finally, blessedly, moved over.

I was so angry I couldn’t stand it. But it leads me to the true question behind this post. Why do some people act like such total a-holes when they fly? As if the confined space isn’t bad enough.

You have the people who infringe on your space, those who are traveling while completely sick with Lord knows what bug, the peeps that smell offensive (whether from too much perfume or too few showers), the total lushes, the talkers, and the screaming babies.

Now, don’t think I’m not sensitive to the issue of crying babies on airplanes … I am. In fact, I dread seeing anyone flying with a baby for this very reason … and it’s also the reason I chose to travel by car until our youngest was old enough to be at least “slightly” reasoned with (AKA bribed with the iPad).

Why do people seem to lose all sense of reason when they board an airplane? Why??

Do you have a horrible travel experience to share? Do tell! Misery loves company!!

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