New Research May Offer Moms Explanation for Miscarriages

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New Research May Offer Moms Explanation for Miscarriages

Scientist have discovered a molecule known as IL-33 that may be a possible cause for why some women have miscarriages.

In a study, laboratory tests showed that women who had lost three or more babies had high levels of a molecule known as IL-33 present in their womb cells. IL-33 controls whether or not a womb accepts an embryo.

This is an amazing discovery. Can you imagine if this discovery could lead to a treatment to stop women from miscarrying?

If that could happen, it could change the world. Woman all over the world could rejoice. I know I would. I would love it if no woman ever had to go through losing a child.

Miscarriages happen to more women than you can imagine. Wouldn’t it be a true miracle if this research could help develop a “cure” for miscarriages or an explanation for why they happen?

There is nothing worse than losing a child and not knowing why, no one being able to give you an explanation as to why it happened or what caused it. It leaves a terrible nagging feeling in your soul.

The only thing greater is the pain you feel from the hole in your heart, the eternal gaping wound. It never heals completely, ever.

So to those of us who have experienced a loss, this discovery is nothing short of a miracle because it may be able to lead to a treatment that can prevent other women from miscarrying in the future.

It may lead to more information as to why miscarriages happen, and that could give closure to so many women, like myself, who have had to survive such a tragic loss. That would be priceless to many of us.

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