Natural Products from Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique

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Natural Products from Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique

I found a great new resource for natural baby products at the Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique.

When I heard about Sweetbottoms, I was happy to find all their products available online, since I don’t live in North Carolina where their retail store is located.

I like that Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique was founded by a “natural” mom, and that she still runs the business today with a team of like-minded moms.

Not only do they understand the need for natural baby products, but they get the big picture. Moms need convenient and affordable natural baby products!

I went to the site expecting a handful of items like cloth diapers. The first real shocker for me was that shipping is free!

They have a good selection of modern cloth diapers and accessories, and I love the fitted diaper covers. I was also pleasantly surprised by the host of other natural baby products they carry.

Sweetbottoms Baby Carrier

Sweetbottoms offers a selection of baby carrier styles.

While diapers were the main natural product I was searching for, Sweetbottoms all natural baby products also include toys, baby carriers, plus things for mom like nursing bras, pads, pillows and other accessories.

I’m always into saving money, and Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique lets you bundle products for a discount.

I didn’t find the minimum order of 10 diapers and two covers prohibitive, and I’m adding the Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether to my bundle for my girlfriend’s baby boy.

If you’re looking for all natural cloth diapers, be sure to check their website for all kinds of options. You’ll find a nice selection plus much more.

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