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The Nap Nanny Baby Sleep Aid is a foam positioner that elevates your baby 30 degrees, which is recommended by many doctors. The “Child Security” foam design cradles your tot while a safety harness keeps them securely in place.

While I had been hearing great things in Nap Nanny reviews, I must admit, it seemed like much ado about nothing to me. I mean, it’s basically a Lazy Boy recliner for the wee one, so how good could it really be? Yeah, sure, I’ve fallen asleep more than I care to admit in my Dad’s old Lazy Boy, but what do babies know about reclining? Turns out, plenty! Our new Nap Nanny is already worth its weight in gold.

The Nap Nanny baby recliner is an excellent option for babies who do not like to sleep. The inclined position helps to comfort infants who may have colic, reflux, gas colds and flu…or even those with more serious health issues, like Cerebral Palsy, heart conditions or G-tube feeders. Or simply for babies who like to sleep in a more seated position because, after all, babies can be picky about where and how they sleep.

Since we sometimes do things backwards in this house, we’ve also been using the Nap Nanny to help with tummy time. We turn it around and place the wee one with her tummy on the incline so she faces over the back of it. This delights her no end – like a princess surveying her (tiny) kingdom.

Many moms have used the Nap Nanny and found excellent results. Sandra Bullock’s son Louis is pictured sleeping in one in this month’s issue of People Magazine. Other celebrity fans include Chad Lowe and Kim Painter, Marissa Winokur and Tisha Campbell-Martin who wrote, ”I love the Nap Nanny. It makes me feel safer when my son is in it”

Righteous Kill Producer Lati Grobman has found the Nap Nanny incredibly helpful as she juggles triplets, “The Nap Nanny is a miracle device. I can plop Jonathan, Daniel or Dylann on it and instantaneously they are calm or fall asleep on a safe place. Nothing like a little piece of mind for me and a piece of heaven for them.”

But who really cares what celebrities do? (Kidding)

The Nap Nanny was created by Comcast SportsNet reporter Leslie Gudel when the sleep deprived mom‘s new baby wouldn’t sleep flat. She went searching for a solution and when she couldn’t find one, she invented it. You go girl!

It is even recommended by pediatricians and nurse practitioners. JJ Levinson has been a practicing pediatrician in the Los Angeles area for nearly 20 years, “I have to unequivocally say that all parents have been thrilled with the quantum changes in mood (all for the better) that their babies experienced after using the Nap Nanny.”

The Nap Nanny costs $132, which is a lot for a sleep positioner. But based on just a week of using it, I have to say the cost is well worth it. The wee one sleeps better, so I sleep better. I mean, how much is that worth, right?

UPDATE: 7/26/2010 The first generation of Nap Nanny’s has been recalled because of a fall and suffocation hazard. I have to admit I’m not all that surprised because we found that our little one would buck (like doing a baby back bend) and sometimes propel herself out of the seat of the nap nanny. She was still buckled in to the safety strap but the fabric in the seat is not secure, so it just moves with the baby’s body. So, this left our wee one upside down, on the floor with the nap nanny still attached. More than a little scary. I actually stopped using it. At the time, I thought that we simply had an active baby and didn’t report it or otherwise tell anyone, but turns out we weren’t alone. A few babies have been harmed and one poor family even lost a little one because the baby suffocated to death. Granted, the nap nanny was placed in the crib, but I can totally see this happening. Yes, it’s not the stated use of the product, but it’s a sleep aid for goodness sakes and babies sleep in cribs. Plus, it fits. No, it’s not smart but if you want your baby to sleep (and of course you do because you’re buying a nap nanny!) then it stands to reason that you’d try it in the crib. Especially if there is a sibling running around. Anyway, the makers of the nap nanny have since installed velcro to keep the seat fabric in place if the baby moves around too much. I do hope that fixes the problem. If you have a first generation product like I do, then here’s the website to the recall. And if you are wondering, we’ve since sleep trained our baby so our problems with sleep are pretty much solved. I’m getting rid of our nap nanny. I hate to say this, but I recommend biting the bullet and teaching your child how to sleep instead of relying on miracle sleep products. That way, you know baby is safely sleeping!

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  • Emma

    I am so so happy that you posted that update and your own personal experience with the dangerous product! It is horribly horribly sad that anyone would have to lose a little one before this product was properly tested. Your experience alone is so scary I would have thrown the product out immediately! I am surprised that you left the post up and are providing them with free advertising! They are not remorseful at all and are still trying to promote their dangerous product!

  • Kate

    I’m glad you think so! Really, I was debating what to do, to be honest, and I thought that I’d be true to my original review and not pretend that I didn’t write it. I’m pretty unhappy with the nap nanny’s handling of the whole recall thing and could probably go off on them. Maybe I should. I did get a package in the mail from them with an envelop so I could send back my original nap nanny cover, but it was a little too little too late. Like I said, I’m done with the product. I just hope that other babies out there will be safe in it!!!!