Nap Nanny Recall

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A few months ago I reviewed a new product called the Nap Nanny which reportedly helps little ones sleep better. Well, I’ve had to update the Nap Nanny review because the product has been recalled. Now, before panic sets in, there are a few things you need to understand about the recall, but I’ll be the first to tell you that I can totally see why they are voluntarily recalling this product. In fact, I stopped using my nap nanny because of the very cause of the recall: the seat fabric is not secure.

Why does this matter? Well, when the baby is strapped into the safety harness, there is nothing to keep baby’s bottom on the nap nanny. Gravity, yes. But imagine a wiggly baby. Imagine a baby lifting her mid-section high in the air doing a baby back bend. Then, imagine said acrobatic baby toppling over out of the side of the Nap Nanny, still buckled in. Head down, feet up, Nap Nanny on top of baby. I know because this happened to us.

At first I thought my baby was just supremely agile and active so while I stopped using it, I didn’t think it was as dangerous as it turned out to be. See, other babies did the same thing and unfortunately one died because of it. That baby was in a crib sleeping in the Nap Nanny and you might think that the mother who did this had a screw loose but be not quick to judge! I, myself, placed the Nap Nanny in the crib before I knew of this problem. Of course I did…the baby was having sleep problems.

The baby sleeps in the crib (unfortunately I can’t use my beloved floor bed for baby #2 because of safety reasons). There is a sibling running around, so where else should baby go other than in the Nap Nanny sitting in the crib? Yes, yes, it doesn’t quite look right and my reptilian brain sensed some danger, so I stopped doing it. But I did do it. So I can see how that poor mother used the Nap Nanny in unsanctioned ways.

I will say that the makers of the Nap Nanny have since fixed the problem by attaching Velcro to the underside of the fabric in the seat, securing it. That is supposed to keep baby’s bottom sufficiently in place. I thought I had a first generation product with no velcro…because if I saw velcro putting it together, you’d think I’d use the velcro. Come to find out I HAD velcro straps but they aren’t as user friendly as you’d think.

Actually, there are plastic D-rings on the foam insert and velcro straps (small!) on the fabric. After the recall, I investigated my nap nanny further and found these. SOOO, naturally, I velcro-ed the fabric in place. I’ll tell you what happened…

My baby did the SAME THING AS BEFORE!

Those straps are crap. They don’t keep the baby firmly in the seat any more than not using the velcro straps. Now, admittedly you may discount my experience because I had the velcro straps in the first place and didn’t use them because I didn’t read the instructions fully enough to know that I was supposed to use them. But I’m a rushed, sleep deprived mama and I’m certain I’m not alone. If I could mis-use this thing, it could happen and did happen, to just about any one else.

The moral of the story is that I’m not going to replace my Nap Nanny with a new one. I’m getting rid of it. Why? Because the company – who is doing the recall voluntarily – is a cheapskate. They are offering $80 toward the purchase of a new Nap Nanny if you have an old one. $80 off a $130 product that is defective…couldn’t they do better?

If you need more information about the recall, here is the company’s information page about the recall.

I decided to sleep train the baby to solve our sleep problems. It is so difficult to sleep train an infant with sleep problems, but it’s well worth it. Now, we all are sleeping just fine. And, safe, might I add.

Oh, and I’m taking this recall as a lesson. I, personally, found the product to be defective but instead of reporting it, I simply stopped using it. What will I do next time? Speak up! There are so many stories of recalls and unsafe products out there, we really all have to drive defensively through life, don’t you think? I mean, it works for safety on the roads, why couldn’t it work off the road?

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