Nannys on the Weekend

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Now this gets me angry. I know people are busy, myself included. We need more time. We need more hands. We need more help and I totally understand the need for a nanny to help out during the week.

But, honestly, a nanny on the weekend? What’s up with that? I’m not saying a weekend nanny is common in all areas, but each weekend I go to the local playground with my daughter and each weekend I see at least a third of the kids there not with their parents, but with their nannys. Where are the parents and what is more important on their weekends than spending a little time with their kids?

I’m hoping that I’m simply being overly judgmental – that these families don’t work during the week and ONLY work weekends, so the need for a nanny is real. I’m willing to eat crow for that. But, some of the kids I’ve seen with weekend nannys are the same ones I see during the week with their nannys.

Really, if you need that much help with your child, if you can’t spend even a weekend day with your kid, why have children? Part of being a parent is making time in your schedule to actually be a parent. If this isn’t happening on the weekends, when is it happening?

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  • Jennie

    Hi there, I love this blog! I don’t have kids yet but love reading about them.

    Here is a thought about nannies: what about parents who work weekends? I have worked in interior design, and retail, and had to miss so many normal weekend things because my weekend was Mon-Tue. People who work in real estate tend to have days off with their kids during the week. Am I being too optimistic?

  • admin

    Yes, as I said in the post, I do hope at least some of these nannies are for parents who work weekends. Unfortunately, many of the kids I see with weekend nannies also have weekday nannies as well.