My Girl’s Dollhouse ~The American Girl Dream House

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Have you ever walked into a room, a store, or seen something on television that you just knew your kids would lose their ever-loving minds over? The kind of thing that you just knew would be the gift to end all gifts and then on Christmas morning or birthday eve or whatever the case may be, the gift fell flat…like a fat man into a shallow pool?

Well, this is not “that” gift. This is the gift to end all gifts for little girls.

It’s called the My Girl’s Dollhouse and is one of the first of many quality children’s products under its Goodtoy brand. I saw this thing in person at an expo last week and, at 40, I nearly flipped out at the sight of this huge dollhouse. I’m pretty sure, I can safely say, that my daughters would lose it.

My daughters have just begun to get into American Girl Mania. They each have two new dolls and one inherited one from their cousin, and they love to dress up like them and serve them tea and spoil them rotten. American Girl Dolls are pretty awesome. They are wholesome and not contrived and I love them and I love that my girls love them.

The My Girl’s Dollhouse is an giant, high-quality, customizable wood dollhouse for 18-inch dolls and their furniture, clothing, and accessories. Can you say American Girl Doll dream house? Because that is what it is.

The My Girl’s Dollhouse is 6-feet tall, 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep. It is huge. It comes in two external styles, classic and whimsical. Both are built with exactly the same high quality wood. But the real fun begins inside the house.

The house has five rooms that the girls can customize to their own liking; match their bedroom to the American girl’s bedroom. There are 12 different styles of rooms to choose from. The house has two rooms of the main floor, two rooms on the second story and one huge room that acts as the attic. The attic has a bar to hang the dolls clothes on; think of it as the American Girl Doll Dream walk in closet.

But remember the house does not come with the dolls or the furniture, which is all your responsibility to provide. I am not cheap and I know my girls would love this house but I have a few problems: one, I am pretty sure that I could end up spending over $1000 really quick and two, where am I supposed to put this monster?

Sure I can store my daughters’ American Girl Dolls in the house, and all that rogue furniture and clothing, but I’m not sure it’s enough to compensate for the mere real estate I will have to forfeit in my house to keep it.

There has never been a dollhouse mass-produced for 18-inch dolls, the My Girl’s Dollhouse will be the first of its kind. I think this is going to be a big seller, hot commodity toy this Christmas season. Every little girl is going to want one.

What do you think of a dollhouse for the American Girl Dolls?

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