Mom on Strike

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Mom on Strike

Have you ever just felt like you have had enough? The house is a mess, your fifth grader lets you know that she volunteered you to make 40 cupcakes for her class, your husband is bringing home an out of town client for a meeting, you have a looming deadline, PMS, and the scales are not you friend.

At that point, at least in my life, there is a moment where someone can step in and help or I have what we refer to here in Texas as a high level hissy fit.

I bet you can relate.

Well, so could Jessica Stilwell. She got tired of all of the picking up, handling, juggling, and running around, so she did what any relatively sane mom would do – she went on strike. Totally.

She gave no warning. No doubt she had, like the rest of us, been saying it for years. She just did it. She stopped picking up after the kids. In her words, Striking Mother’s Log Book Day One: First day of no picking up, tidying, washing, cleaning, clearing, reminding or nagging. I actually hand washed any dishes used by ME and put them away.

Here is the awesomeness of it all. She blogged it and you can read her experiences at Striking Mom. Keep in mind that it is a blog, so you’ll need to find the first page and read from there. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee before you head over there. It’s quite entertaining.

The question is this – could you do this?

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t think I could.  A picture hanging crookedly on my wall is sure to drive me nuts until I have straightened it. If I stopped reminding (with just a pinch of nagging) the kids to take the dogs out, the result would not be pleasant. We have four dogs, one of which is a rather large pit bull – lab mix. No, the consequences of the dogs not going out would not be pleasant at all.

I am pretty sure that were I to try this, the husband would maintain his blood sugar levels on a rotation of M & Ms and insulin, the kids would play computer, xBox, and watch TV all day (we homeschool), and the dogs would be hopping from one leg to the other at the door with looks of panic in their eyes.

She says that she was amazed that she could handle it because she tended toward type A personality traits. I must have a spoonful of OCD mixed in to my type A.

On the other hand, the idea intrigues me. I think that, for the most part, people learn best when left to learn their lessons on their own. Did you ever read Little Women? There is a chapter where Marmee does this exact thing, leaving the girls to figure out for themselves that when no one works, life goes to hell in a hand-basket pretty quickly.

Could you go on a mom-strike?

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  • Emily (CityBaby Living)

    I don’t think I could go on strike on everything, but I’m willing to bet that if I stopped grocery shopping, meal planning, and laundry, there could be fewer complaints at dinner time and every morning.

  • Jessica Stilwell

    I’m so OCD that when my friends come over, they move a picture to the wrong spot and time how long it takes me to notice and move it back. If I can do can you:) Just buy a bottle or ten of wine and blog about it..very cathartic. My biggest lesson in all of this was that my house does not need to be spotless…(breathe Jessica). I’m a work in progress…
    Thanks for the kind words about my strike…awesomeness!!!!