Miracle Baby Born Despite Doctors Not Finding a Heartbeat

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Miracle Baby Born Despite Doctors Not Finding a Heartbeat

Do you believe in miracles? Does anyone these days? Maybe we don’t see the Old Testament sort of miracles much lately, but the little miracles, the ones that supposedly happen all the time?

I do believe that giving birth is a miracle. The entire process of creating life, where there was none, and then sustaining it and the process of delivering a child astounds me. It’s hard to not believe in miracles once you have given birth because you have seen in firsthand.

Talk about a miracle. I’m pretty sure that the Guzman family of Chicago has a renewed faith in miracles after the recent birth of their baby boy, Noah Ignacio Guzman, who doctors were sure had died inside in his mother’s womb.

When mother and father arrived by ambulance at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago, doctors immediately did an ultrasound only to discover that there was no heartbeat. They offered their sincerest condolences. The parents were devastated and overcome with grief.

You can’t imagine how hard it is to hear those words spoken to a parent in regards to their baby. I have heard them and there is no blow more devastating or painful to receive.

His mother, Jocelyn Robinson, was suffering severe complications due to placenta previa and needed to be treated immediately to stop the bleeding. What happened next is a miracle in my book.

Doctors were certain that baby Noah was dead and so the medical team initiated life saving measures for his mother, who was now bleeding profusely. They began surgery when one of the surgeons, Dr. Sampson, heard the baby gasp for air.

Can you imagine the shock and awe that must have filled that surgical room?

These parents are blessed. But this scenario, while miraculous, frightens me. I was told my baby no longer had a heartbeat, as are many moms before they actually begin to physically miscarry.

I have read similar cases where a mother was told that she had miscarried her pregnancy when techs could not locate a heartbeat, only under further investigation to find that their was a heartbeat. I’ve even heard of women being told that there was no heartbeat and refusing a D & C only to go to full term and deliver a healthy baby.

Science is not absolute and people are fallible. Mistakes can be made for a variety of different reasons. I opted to have the D & E because the alternative was too traumatic for me.

This scenario was at the forefront of my mind and I requested a second confirmation ultrasound on the morning of the surgery just to be sure, because if I they were wrong, I could not have lived with that.

Though, I prayed and hoped that the second ultrasound would reveal human error, it did not. But I had to make sure and , especially after baby Noah’s birth, I would recommend that every mother have a second ultrasound done to confirm a miscarriage. Too much is depending on it not to.

“The baby did it again, and as quickly as we could possibly — I almost felt like I was throwing the baby at the nurse — like, quick, the team just responded immediately,” said Dr. Sampson.

Noah Ignacio Guzman was born at Mount Sinai Hospital at 3:12 a.m. weighing 4 pounds and 13 ounces. Doctors did not think he was alive until that miracle moment when that little fighter shocked doctors and his parents by gasping for air. He truly is a miracle, as are all babies.

Do you think baby Ignacio is a Thanksgiving miracle or was it a case of faulty ultrasound results?

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