Melissa & Doug Watercolors Will Inspire Your Little Artist

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Melissa & Doug Watercolors Will Inspire Your Little Artist

If your kids love watercolors, Melissa & Doug’s jumbo watercolor set is a must-have addition to your art supply stash. There are several things to love about this set.

The colors seem more vibrant than other watercolor sets for children. The large pots of color make it easier for kids to paint and help keep all the colors from running together like they tend to do in a smaller watercolor set. The brush is sturdy and won’t fall apart after a few uses.

For older kids, the plastic lid also makes a good mixing tray for creating their own paint colors.

If your little artist is having trouble figuring out what to paint, here are some easy watercolor techniques that my son likes:

  • Using paper napkins, bubble wrap, or plastic wrap is a great way to add texture to a watercolor painting. This is especially fun if you’re painting animals.
  • Sprinkle salt on wet paint and allow it to dry. Brush off the excess to make cool starburst effects.
  • Draw a design with white crayon on white paper, then brush watercolors over the top to make the design “magically” appear.
  • Make a wash of color by lightly brushing on paint and use a black marker to outline the design when it’s dry.
  • Find a picture from a magazine you like. Cut the picture in half. Glue one half on the paper and use watercolors to paint the other half.
  • Instead of painting a design on paper, paint masking tape strips with colorful patterns. (Put the strips on the top of a glass picture frame so you can easily pull them up when you’re done painting.) Use the strips to make a fun abstract design on construction paper in the color of your choice.

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