Maternity Style, Would You Wear What Celebs Are Wearing

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Maternity Style, Would You Wear What Celebs Are Wearing

Last year, Snookie’s pregnancy and baby boy were big news. This year, we have Princess Kate and Kim Kardashian expecting babies, and with it, all the buzz about what they will wear.

I have to think when it comes to these two women, we can expect maternity styles at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum.

When I was pregnant I decided I didn’t want a large maternity wardrobe. Instead, I chose items that I could mix and match to build a variety of looks.

I didn’t have to worry about paparazzi following me around and snapping pictures when I looked less than my best.


I’d hate to be chased by paparazzi trying to get a shot of my baby bump.

I can’t imagine living life like Kate Middleton. All the attention on her morning sickness was dreadful. Now everyone wants to know what she’ll be wearing.

According to ABC’s Royal contributor, Victoria Arbiter, we can expect Kate’s maternity style to be “very chic, very stylish, very trim.” Hmmm, trim. Maybe she can pull that off.

They’re talking tailored dresses, wearing fitted jackets, and that we can expect plaid. It is a British classic that supposedly creates an optical illusion of thinness. I’m not too sure about that either, but it will probably work for her because she’ll have her clothes tailored to fit her. That makes a big difference.

As for Kim Kardashian, boyfriend Kanye West just announced the fact that they are expecting. The news has the media all a twitter about what she’ll be wearing.

If the sexy black “maternity” dress she wore for New Year’s Eve is any indication of what we can expect, her maternity style is sure to raise eyebrows and stir controversy. It was designed with lace and fishnet and fitted.

For me, maternity style meant I didn’t want to look like a frump when I was pregnant, but I wanted to be comfortable. Guess I was never cut out to be a celebrity.

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