Man of Steel Inspired Nursery Décor

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Man of Steel Inspired Nursery Décor

Warner Brothers’ Man of Steel has created a new generation of Superman fans. It’s a popular party theme, and a trendy choice for a little boys room, but how about the nursery?

Actually, a Superman nursery theme is a great idea for more than one reason. First of all, it’s rich with primary colors. Secondly, if you choose your accessories wisely, you’ll be able to carry the theme over to a toddler bedroom which will save money down the road.

For instance, you can use a whole collection of 21 RoomMates Superman wall decals for less than $15. They just peel and stick to the wall, and if you decide to rearrange the room you can reposition the decals. Combine these with a peel and stick Superman border and the walls are taken care of.

I love that these peel and stick decorations are easy to apply, and when you finally decide to change themes, you can just remove them.

Peel and stick Superman Decals

Peel and stick decals are an easy way to accessorize.

Frame some Superman pictures for the wall that tell a story. This will be fun when your baby gets a little older. For fun, frame them in Superman colors. The reds, blues, and yellows of the Superman theme provide bright colors that can be pulled into the rest of the room’s accessories to complement the theme without being Superman specific.

When selecting curtains, darker colors can help keep light out during nap time, but I prefer blinds paired with curtains that are lighter and brighter.

For new moms who like the Superman theme, there is a Supermom sign available that would make a cute addition to any Superman nursery. It’s a fun theme and  it can be accomplished inexpensively.

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