Make a Power Free Boredom Buster Box for Weather Emergencies

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Make a Power Free Boredom Buster Box for Weather Emergencies

Weather is unpredictable and it has been more severe than usual in the past couple of years. Thousands of families have had to deal with days and even weeks without power.

That’s a hard thing to do but you can prepare by stocking up on water and MRIs. Add some toilet paper and maybe a generator and you are good to go.

One thing you may not think about is what your four year old is going to do while there is no power. Think about it: no television, no movies, no Xbox – nothing. How do you keep that little bundle of energy busy?

Take a little time and put together a boredom buster box for just such an event. You can tailor it to any age child – just make sure that you don’t need electricity to use the items you put inside.


Coloring is an activity that children of all ages, and even some adults, enjoy. Choose coloring books appropriate for the age of your child, but throw in some interesting ones like the Mindware Celts Mosaics books for any adults that might want to try their hand at a picture or two.

Buy a big box of crayons with as many colors as you can get. You can also add scissors, glue sticks, and construction paper to the box.


Playing cards are fun for all ages. My dad taught me to play Poker when I was six, and before then I liked to build card houses with them.

Having a couple of packs of cards in the boredom buster box means that you’ll be able to teach your kids how to play your favorite games. If you think about it, put in a couple of containers of poker chips.


A little checkers board can allow you to spend an afternoon playing the game just as it has been played for years.


A box of basic Legos can keep kids busy for hours. It doesn’t have to be very big. Add a flat base and your child can create everything from villages to dinosaurs.


Sure, a flashlight is going to need some batteries, but it can help your child stay occupied when it is dark. He can use it to make light pictures on the ceiling or to comfort himself when things get a little scary.


Do you remember Colorforms? They have been around a very long time – over 60 years in fact. The pieces are like reusable stickers and can be used to tell stories or create scenes. Other companies have begun making similar sets with magnets or reusable stickers.


Obviously, you don’t want a huge box to lug around, but a medium sized sealable plastic container is the perfect thing to hold all of the supplies that you could want. If you dip into the box for supplies, just be sure to replace what you use as soon as you can.

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