Living a Temp Life

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Living a Temp Life

As a mom of young kids, you might be contemplating trying to balance kids and work.

Perhaps kids and your own business.

Or maybe a total career change.

Whatever your mind set, have you considered temping? As in, taking a temporary position?

It’s kind of like renting to own in the sense that you get to try it before you make a major investment in something. I did this for a while, to supplement my income while I was trying to get my editorial company off the ground.

I loved it because I got to work for many different companies, meet lots of new people, and got paid to do it.

As an added bonus, it was entirely flexible in the sense that I could turn down any assignment without fearing being put on the bottom of some list. Kids on vacation? “I’m off this week.” Sick kid? “I’m sorry, I can’t today.”

“You’ve got a quick one-day assignment on Friday? I’d love to take it!”

Even though I knew it wasn’t forever, I was still intrigued by the number of different career paths I could have started down after temping and becoming interested in certain areas.

For example, marketing. I’m a creative mind by nature, but I could never see myself rolling out big marketing campaigns. With that said, I did get some great ideas on how to build my own business and advertise it for much less than I had previously thought about.

I also knew that it would help in the event that my editorial company sunk and I would need to go back to a regular job. Not only would I not have gaps of “unemployment” on my resume, I would also be able to say that I had kept my skills sharp, even though I wasn’t actually “employed” in the traditional sense.

Overall, I loved my temping experience and, frankly, if I ever needed some extra income, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Have you temped? What was your favorite part?

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