Land of Nod Offers a Cute Way to Display Keepsakes from Your Kids

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Land of Nod Offers a Cute Way to Display Keepsakes from Your Kids

If I hadn’t decided to be a writer, I think I would have wanted to be an interior decorator. I love thinking of new ways to display items in my home, especially my son’s drawings and stories.

The clothesline method of displaying your child’s artwork, school papers, or other keepsakes is popular because you can easily change the display whenever your son or daughter has something new to showcase.

It also allows for a bit more flexibility in terms of sizes. You can clip up an 8×10 drawing, a huge poster, or a construction paper cutout of a Thanksgiving turkey without having to worry about frame sizes.

It’s possible to rig up your own clothesline display, but I love the look of the Land of Nod Crafty by Nature Art Clips. The cloud design featured in this post is my favorite, but Land of Nod also sells bird and deer clips if clouds aren’t your thing.

The clouds are aqua, the birds are pink, and the deer are orange. All of the wooden shapes have keyhole backs for easy hanging. There are six clips on each string.

Since the art clips from from Land of Nod are fairly inexpensive, I think it would be cool to get one for each child and have an ever changing hallway display. You could hang photos from the clips if you have one child who likes to draw and one who is more of an athlete.

If you’re a scrapbooker, you could even buy an art clip for yourself and clip up some of your finished layouts before putting them in your album.

Photo credit: Land of Nod

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  • Emily (CityBaby Living)

    Those are cute! I think they’d also be pretty easy to make…I’m sure someone on Pinterest has already posted the DIY method. :)