Keep the Family Moving, Even When It’s Cold Outside!

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Keep the Family Moving, Even When It’s Cold Outside!

When it comes to cold weather, I’m the biggest baby. Truly. I want nothing to do with being outside.

Which is really a bad thing considering we live in Maine where it’s typically cold from November until April.

And in reality, sometimes (like today) it’s just too damn cold to take the kids outside anyway; when the wind chill is twenty below zero, it makes you think twice about bundling up.

But that doesn’t mean you should sit in front of the television all day either … there are ways to keep the kids active and moving, even indoors.

For example, do you have a gymnastics facility nearby? Do they have an open gym time where the kids can go and jump on trampolines, practice tumbling, or swing from ropes and land in huge piles of foam? What about an indoor ice skating rink? Or an indoor play center?

You can always make a day of it and go first to whatever activity you choose and then treat the kids to hot cocoa at a local coffee shop. They always seem to get a kick out of having out at the coffee shop (or at least my kids do).

Don’t even want to go out to start the car? Don’t worry, I have those days, too!

Start with a small list of chores the kids can do: dusting, sweeping, sorting laundry, and then move on to something fun like a scavenger hunt. Or, make a scavenger hunt that involves chores; after each chore is completed, give the kids a clue to find something fun.

Whenever I’m out and about, I always try to hit up the dollar store or the dollar section at JoAnn’s or Target to stock up on little coloring projects, small packs of stickers, or little art projects that the kids can be “rewarded” with when we do something like this.

How do you keep your kids active, even when it’s freezing outside?

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