January Celebrations to Keep the Momentum Going

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January Celebrations to Keep the Momentum Going

Once the Big Three are over (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s) it can be tough to settle back down into the boring, day to day rut that most of us experience.

While partying all the time would be overwhelming, it is nice to have some celebration to look forward to, even if it is a small one.

Thanks to the card companies, candy manufacturers, and various advertising agencies, there are actually hundreds of holidays that can be celebrated all year long. Some lend themselves better to certain activities than others but almost all of them can be teamed up with some sort of feast.

Rather than plodding through the winter doldrums that so often hit in January, why not choose one or more of the possibilities to keep the momentum going?

  • January 14 is National Clean off Your Desk Day and National Home Organization Day. While it may be hard to get your family on the same page with the celebration, it might be a good time to have everyone work on getting the house in shape and then reward them with a pizza and a movie. Or, weigh the stuff as you get rid of it and donate a quarter for every pound your house loses. Use the money for some family fun. A quarter may sound cheap but the pounds add up fast.
  • January 16 is Appreciate Your Dragon Day. There are lots of ways to make this one fun, from watching a movie to reading a great book.
  • January 19 should be celebrated with the largest bowl of popcorn you can find, because it’s National Popcorn Day. Celebrate by making popcorn balls, having popcorn and a movie, or whatever you think would be fun.
  • January 23 is National Pie Day. No other explanation is needed.
  • January 24 brings National Belly Laugh Day. It’s a good time to run a movie marathon of your favorite comedies and get rid of all that stress. Laughter is good for you! It’s also National Eskimo Pie Day, so the snacks you serve are easy to choose.

You can find hundreds of daily holidays on Brownielocks and other similar sites. By choosing a day or two each month and creating a celebration around it, you’ll enjoy a couple of benefits.

First, you’ll get to be known as the fun mom. Additionally, and a bit more seriously, it takes the stress off Christmas. Instead of all the celebrations being focused on a couple of days and then over, you can create these lesser celebrations for the kids to look forward to.

It depends on how much creativity you put into it and whether or not you make it a tradition.

It doesn’t have to be much. Usually some homemade decorations and party foods will be just right. Of course, little gifts never hurt either. When I was growing up, the Valentine’s Day Fairy left a little heart box of chocolates on my bed on Valentine’s Day and I was thrilled.

Special days and celebrations are an easy way to make lasting family memories – the good kind. Are there any special days your family celebrates?

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