Is Your Success Determined by Age 4?

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Is Your Success Determined by Age 4?

Is a child’s success in school determined more by:

(a)    His environment up to age 4

(b)   His inborn abilities

(c)   The quality of education he receives

Most of us would tend say to that it was a combination of all three. Experts believe that a child’s lifestyle during his preschool years will, in a large part, determine his success. So much so that it sounds like, to me anyway, that there is almost a caste system mentality in America.

Students were categorized into three groups that described their environments:

  • Professional family
  • Working class family
  • Impoverished family

In the tests that they gave the kids, the children from the professional family did the best, the working class kids scored in the middle, and the kids from the impoverished family scored the lowest.

Here’s the thing. I don’t think was so much about the income as it was about the quality of parenting. We have all heard stories of brilliant doctors who succeeded in spite of living in poverty with a single mom that worked two jobs, as well as depraved criminals that practically lived next door to them.

What makes the difference in how a child develops?

Parenting, nurturing, and training.

Have you noticed how many kids from wealthy, professional families are out of work, drug addicted, immature adults that are still dependent on their parents’ money? I have, and there are more of them every day.

It is just as easy for a wealthy child to be ignored, overlooked, lost in the business of his parents’ lives as it is for a child from inner city slums. The change won’t come from better social programs, more employment opportunities, or better schools.

When the change starts with the way we parent, the rest of it will follow.

Source: News Telegram

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