Is That Really a Good Sale?

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Is That <i>Really</i> a Good Sale?

It seems that, starting with Halloween and then through the first of the year, we’re inundated with sales flyers. Everything from turkey for $0.49/lb to “buy one get one free” deals at the toy stores.

But do you every wonder if that sale price is really the best price you could be getting? I had never really stopped to think too much about it, until I purchased a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I paid $0.69/lb, thinking it couldn’t possibly get an less expensive. Then the next week, my turkey was priced at just $0.49/lb.

I know that’s not a lot of money, but then I started thinking about bigger purchases … and sales that I shopped. Was I really getting the best deal? Or was I playing right into the greedy hands of the retail industry. I decided to do a little digging about when sales are best for different categories of products; here’s what I came up with.

January: This is when you’ll find the best deals on fall-themed merchandise including clothes. Retailers are getting ready for spring/summer shipments and they need the shelf space. You can also score big on furniture and home goods.

February: Stock up on gift items that can easily be used for giving throughout the year. And if you’ve been eyeing something a little sparkly for yourself, now’s the time to grab it thanks to Valentine’s Day.

April: Retailers are again clearing the shelves to make room for bathing suits (oh my!) so it’s a good time to stock up on transitional clothing for those times that are too warm for long-sleeves but too cold for tank tops.

May: Since it’s warming up, people are taking their workouts outside; find the best deals on shoes and workout gear now.

June/July: Stock up on gifts for dad (thanks for Father’s Day) and after the 4th of July, you’ll see prices on patio furniture, picnic and camping gear, and other outdoor goodies marked down.

September/October: Just in time for back-to-school, you’ll find notebooks for a penny, sales on snowsuits (because, really, who’s thinking about snowsuits in September), and deep discounts on Halloween items.

November: Given the slight uptick in the economy, retailers are optimistic and starting to run “Black Friday” prices well before Thanksgiving. And don’t forget Cyber Monday; in a recent National Retail Federation study, the organization found that more than 41% of shoppers started their holiday shopping before Halloween and another 39% will begin in November. Not surprisingly, it was reported that more than 50% of shoppers will be making their gift purchases online.

December: Now is the time to grab non-perishable gift items that you can store away for gift giving in the coming year. All those boxed sets that weren’t sold, but are packaged so sweetly for under the tree, are now on sale for up to 75% off the packaged price. Feel free to buy things like lotions and bath sets for gift giving in the first three months of new year; stick to things like toys and DVD sets for later in the year (and of course, you’ll unpackage and rewrap the items!).

When do you score the best deals?

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