Is Leveling the Playing Field Creating a Mediocre Status Quo?

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Is Leveling the Playing Field Creating a Mediocre Status Quo?

I was reading an article on gifted children the other day and something I read really stuck in my mind. It is no longer politically correct to call a child gifted. Now we say that all children are gifted in their own way.

We are leveling the playing field, making everyone equal.

That sounded really mature and emotionally nurturing at first, but as I started to mull over the idea, I found that there was something there that bothered me. Doesn’t leveling the playing field make everyone mediocre?

Here’s what I mean. I am a writer. I am better than some people but not nearly as good as Stephen King, or Louisa May Alcott, or Shakespeare.

I am a good writer, but not a gifted one. What if we decided that all writers were gifted in their own way and began publishing every book that was created on a Word doc?

What if we decided that all doctors were gifted in their own way – one wasn’t necessarily better or more competent than the other? I don’t know about you but I want the gifted brain surgeon to work on me, not the guy who is gifted in his own way.

I will be the first to stand and proclaim that every child is important, special, and a gift from God, but I can’t necessarily agree on the gifted thing.

Kids and parents need to accept that not everyone is gifted, just like not everyone is tall, or blond, or blessed with perfect skin. Can you imagine telling a teen suffering from acne that his skin was perfect in its own way?

It’s time to accept that some people will be wealthy and some won’t. Some will be tall, or beautiful, or great musicians and others just will never achieve those things.

Rather than forcing gifted children to be average why can’t we just tell all kids to be the best they can be?

Leveling the playing field only creates acceptance of mediocrity, in my opinion, with no need for the gifted child to strive to plumb the depths of their giftedness. What do you think?

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