Is Feminism Dead?

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A recent Economist Poll found that 72% of American women do not consider themselves feminists. In fact, many of the women who were polled said they were more likely to view the word “feminist” as an insult than to see it as a compliment.

The survey found that Democratic women and women ages 18 to 29 were most likely to view themselves as feminists. Republican women and women over 65 were the least likely to view themselves as feminists.

I think many of us forget that feminism has made our lives better in countless ways. If there were no feminists, we’d see women being treated as property instead of human beings.

Instead of marrying for love, you’d marry for the life your husband could provide for you. If he turned out to be abusive, you’d be expected to put up with the mistreatment for the sake of your family. Feminists are the reason we have the right to vote. Without feminists, our daughters wouldn’t have access to the same educational opportunities as our sons.

However, it’s true that feminism still has a lot of work to do.

Equal pay for women in the workplace has been discussed for decades, yet women still make up the overwhelming majority of low wage workers. The United States has the worst maternity leave policies of any industrialized nation and many women who would love to breastfeed can’t do so because their employers make it impossible to pump. Reproductive rights for women, including access to contraceptives and abortion, continue to be debated on a daily basis.

How do feel about this survey? Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not?

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Dana Hinders

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  • Julie C.

    I think the pendulum is constantly swinging too far one way or the other. 30 years ago every modern woman was a feminist, and perhaps in 20 more the majority of women may feel this way again.

    Right now perhaps the majority of the the female population is feeling complacent because it enjoys and takes for granted the freedoms that were hard-won by women before them.

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