Is Cursive Writing Outdated?

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Is Cursive Writing Outdated?

Computers are used for everything now. Even elementary school kids are writing reports and handling their assignments on computers at home and at school. My grandkids can hit a keyboard with a speed that would make my ninth grade typing teacher tear up with joy.

Is the computer making cursive writing obsolete?

You have to learn printing. I guess you even need to learn to sign your name in cursive, but is there really a need for it beyond that?

With everything being computer based, I wonder if someday no one will know how to form letters by hand and signatures will be nothing more than thumbprints in red ink.

Or blood. There’s DNA in blood. I guess you could test it to find out whether or not the thumbprint and the DNA matched.

I don’t really know what they are doing in schools. I homeschool and my kids learn italics. That means that they all have gorgeous handwriting until they turn sixteen and then they rival any doctor for legibility – well, lack of legibility.

I know that since I have been using a keyboard constantly (and I do mean constantly) my muscle control has changed and it is hard to write out things by hand. I mean, when I need to slip a private note to someone, I text them, even if they are sitting next to me.

If I need to make a grocery list, I write an email and send it to my iPhone. I use my debit card rather than writing a check. The more you think about it, the more you realize people just don’t write that much anymore.

Do you think cursive writing is going to be one of the things that becomes extinct thanks to our dependence on technology? Does it matter?

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  • Kari

    I hate that cursive writing is going away. My kids are 19, 16, 14, and 12. The older ones all learned cursive in elementary school. I was shocked when I found out that my youngest son did not learn cursive. He was about to start 5th grade and I discovered he was having difficulty reading things that were in cursive – that’s when I realized he hadn’t been taught cursive. I think it’s just sad and wrong.