How to Raise a Bratty Kid

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How to Raise a Bratty Kid

Raising a bratty kid takes more effort than you may think. It’s more than just leaving them alone too often or not correcting their behavior. It takes years of dedicated practice to raise a truly bratty child. Interested?

There is more than one way to accomplish this task. Some parents prefer the hands off method while others prefer a more hands on approach. You should choose the method that fits in best with your personality and lifestyle.

Hands On

From the time your child is tiny, make everything all about him. I am not talking about taking care of his need for food, affection, and care – I am a firm believer in attachment parenting. Nope, I am talking about getting every toy known to man so that he develops a short attention span. From the beginning, assume that he is the most gifted child ever to walk the earth and make sure that he expects to be treated that way.

No matter what he does, make an excuse for it. If he bites a child in preschool, be sure that you let the teacher know it is because he is teething, having a hard time learning control, or just doesn’t like the other child. If he cheats on a test be sure to complain to the principal that the teacher is not doing her job properly and your child is struggling because of it.

Give your child a strong sense of his own boundaries while discounting the boundaries and needs of others. This can be done by allowing him to run wild in restaurants and public places on a regular basis. Talking through a church service is another excellent way to implement this lesson.

As your child gets older, make sure that he never has to accept responsibility for his actions. Pay for his traffic tickets, pay to have his computer replaced after he breaks it in a fit of anger, and most of all, finance his every need and desire so that getting a job is unnecessary.

If he does get a job, agree with him that his supervisor is unreasonable and his co-workers are out to get him. Say nothing if he quits but if he gets fired complain to all of your friends, in his hearing, how unfairly he was treated.

This method is quite successful in most cases. It ensures a self-centered child that will depend on you to get him out of trouble his entire life.

Hands Off

If you have a busy life, the hands off method may work a bit better for you and be much easier to fit into your schedule.

From the time you bring him home from the hospital put him on a strict schedule for eating and sleeping. Don’t spend too much time rocking him, holding or cuddling him because you don’t want to spoil him.

As he grows, continuously give him challenges that are above his ability to perform and then criticize him because he can’t. For example, force potty training well before he is ready. This helps to build frustration in him that he will likely take out on others for the rest of his life – always requiring more of people than they are capable of giving and never being satisfied.

Do not allow him to express emotion – especially tears. Emotions are a sign of weakness and you want him to be strong.

In school, skip his plays and programs because of your schedule. Don’t feel compelled to attend special events of any kind. He knows you love him – you just gave him a new video game last week.

This will ensure a bully. He will take what he wants from whomever he wants to fill the empty spaces in his psyche. As an adult, he will probably do well and be successful in business at the expense of others and even his own family.

Either method will create the bratty child of your dreams. Be careful, using opposite techniques can raise a well-adjusted, healthy child with manners – a social anomaly in this culture.

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