How to Lose Weight Doing What You Love

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How to Lose Weight Doing What You Love

Halloween is officially the beginning of what I like to call the WeightGainApalooza season. It starts with snacking on the kid’s Halloween goodies.

You know, I have to go through it all to make sure it’s all safe, and I can guarantee that there will be something wrong with every single one of the snack sized Health Bars (that’s the way it always plays out and then, of course, I have to eat them.)

Halloween is followed by cold weather and Thanksgiving and just about the time I am running out of Heath bars, it will be time to get out the next size of yoga pants and prepare for carb hibernation.

Yes, I carb load until New Years. All the holiday parties between Thanksgiving and New Years are filled to the brim with carbs, rich foods, sweets and alcohol.

Apparently, the way we show our love at the holidays is by eating like it’s going out of style. We all put on 5-15 pounds and then on January 1st, after 3 months of eating everything in sight, we vow to starve ourselves into submission before bikini season. It’s a vicious cycle.

I’ve decided this year to break the cycle. There will be no Heath bar hoarding and I will only allow the kids about 1/8 of their goodies and we will send the rest in to Daddy’s office. I want to teach the kids that carbs are not a prize and they also don’t have to be forbidden. I want to teach the girls (and practice what I preach) that they can eat everything, in moderation and with exercise.

I’m also going to introduce more activity into our daily routine. I have been good about eliminating the television from our daily routine. Now, I need to get up and moving more.

Here are some ideas to help my girls, YOU, and me get more active.

Do what you like. Choose an activity that you enjoy, because if you hate it, you will never do it.

Start out slowly. Start at lower increments and then build up to an hour. Start at 20 minutes, because 20 minutes is better than no minutes, and not as overwhelming as trying to start off at too high a level of movement.

Set realistic goals. Instead of choosing to run 5 miles a day, start out at 1 mile three times a week. After you have done that for a couple weeks, cross that off your list as accomplished and increase your goal.

Don’t go it alone. A workout buddy will keep you motivated and accountable. I love walking with a friend, it’s the perfect time to talk and it makes the time fly.

Make it easy to exercise. Put your gym shoes by the front door. Keep your workout clothes some place convenient. Don’t make it a chore to get to your workout or it will inevitably end up as an excuse not to do it.

Vary your workout. Monotony can kill enthusiasm. Try switching your workout every other day i.e. walking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and on Tuesday and Thursday go to a Zumba class with a girlfriend.

Keep track and reward yourself. Keep an exercise log, just like you do a food log. It shows you in writing what you have accomplished and once you hit one of your mini-goals, reward yourself with a small treat (not food), maybe a manicure or a movie with a girlfriend, a new book or some small trinket.

How do you keep yourself motivated to workout, when it’s the last thing you want to do?

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