How to Keep Your Preschoolers Healthy This School Year

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Summer is over and preschoolers are back in school for the new school year.It’s a wonderful time of change and firsts. First days of school ever ( for some), making new friends, moms letting go of little ones and a whole new exposure to a lot of different germs.

It’s like a taking a white coat and wearing it to a demolition derby; germs are just attracted to that fresh new, hardly ever been sick preschooler smell.

I know before my girls were in Pre-k, they spent very little time in the company of the general population. Within the first week of preschool, they both had contracted the first virus to come into contact with them. I have learned in the years since that while catching colds is a part of childhood, it is sometimes inevitable with a few precautions taken.

Here are a couple ways to keep your preschooler from catching a virus and bringing it home to share with the entire family.

Get enough sleep.

Elementary school aged children need about 10-11 hours a night of sleep and preschoolers need even more. I like my children to get between 10-12 hours of sleep a night. I know sometimes it is near impossible to get little ones to go to sleep, especially in late summer when it’s light out until 9 or 10 p.m. It is a wise investment to invest in some room darkening curtains or blinds, if you have not already done so.Overtired bodies are ones that are vulnerable to sickness.

Cleanliness and proper hygiene will keep little ones free from germs.

Make sure that your little one remembers after taking potty breaks to always practice good hygiene after using the lavatory, playing outside or sneezing, and before they eat. This means always washing their hands in warm sudsy water and antibacterial soap.

A good rule of thumb is to sing Happy Birthday twice all the way through in order to get tiny hands completely clean and free of germs.

Always keep in mind that new surroundings, new people, and new activities equal the introduction of new germs into your precious little one’s life. Sending children to school with personal hand sanitizers in fun flavors is always a good idea and great incentive to keep tiny hands germ-free.

The kids love hand picking them and are very enthusiastic to use them. My girls have strict instructions to use hand sanitizer before eating a snack and any time they use a community classroom item: mouse, pencil, chalkboard, etc.

It’s also a great idea to send your little one with a small personal package of Kleenex to keep in their desk. Let them know to use the Kleenex to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing and then to immediately dispose of the used Kleenex into the wastebasket so that no one accidentally touches it and spreads the germs.

Remember to tell your preschoolers to keep those tiny hands out of their eyes and mouth; it’s the quickest way to pick germs up and get them into their bodies.

How do you plan to keep your preschooler healthy this school year?

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    When mine were in preschool they caught everything. There never seemed to be anything I could do. Now I have given up and homeschool… we can properly handwash when we go out in public… and we never catch anything.

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