How to Choose a Great Kids’ Birthday Party Theme

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How to Choose a Great Kids’ Birthday Party Theme

Choosing a party theme for your child’s birthday can be difficult. After all, there are tons of possibilities.

You can go right to most craft or party stores and have your choice of everything, from a pirate birthday to a Sponge Bob party.

I usually think about what my child is currently interested in. I brainstorm, writing down a list of ideas as they come to me.

Don’t worry whether or not party supplies for your particular theme are available commercially. If they aren’t, there are ways to make your own.

If nothing else you can choose the most predominant colors from the theme and buy plain plates and napkins in those colors.

Use Google. Once you have a couple of possibilities narrowed down, use Google and Pinterest to find out if there are other people who have created your party.

The image above was from a Despicable Me party that I did for one of my kids that loves that movie. When I did a search for the movie title, I saw that someone had created these adorable cupcakes.

It wasn’t hard to finish up with that theme. I used black and yellow plates and napkins, served boxed cookies (I usually only serve homemade), and got as many inspirations from the movie as possible.

If you play games at parties, then try to come up with a coordinating version of your favorite party games.

When my daughter was small, she had a Dinosaur themed party. They had to pin the tooth on the T-Rex, go on a hunt for dinosaur eggs (it was close to Easter and I filled plastic eggs with treats), and make dinosaur masks from paper plates. It wasn’t difficult at all and the kids loved it.

What are your tips for creating a kids’ themed party?

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