How Far Would You Go to Get a Job?

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How Far Would You Go to Get a Job?

Would you lie about whether or not you had children if it meant the difference between getting a job and remaining unemployed? A down economy is no joke, and a lot of families are financially hurting.

There are a lot of unemployed people these days and a lot of them are moms.

A recent study looked at the outcomes for laid-off workers across the United States and found that married women with kids spent more time in between jobs than married dads. Why you ask? The answer is simple.

Companies don’t want to take a gamble on women with children.

Employers see women who have children as a potential liability because nine times out of ten, women will put their children first above work.

I know it’s shocking to think that we women are so driven by our emotions that we put the little people that we grew in our bodies for 10 months as a higher priority than the company that pays our rent.

So how do we get around being penalized by potential employers for having children? We keep our mouths shut and employ the don’t ask, don’t tell offense during interviews. Legally, an employer can’t ask if you have children or if you are pregnant.

Why should it even come up? Whether or not you have babies doesn’t qualify or disqualify your skills (at least it shouldn’t unless you are applying to be a surrogate or a parent).

Why should women disclose the information that we have little people that we love more than any job if it’s only going to result in discrimination?

If I’m going to be judged by an employer for being a mommy rather than my merits as a worker, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. When my kids need me, I’ll be taking my personal days.

Why should I have to lie about being a mother to get a job? I shouldn’t, but this is what the world has come to. The issue employers have is that mothers have an innate obligation to our children a natural sense of loyalty and love that no career can ever come close to.

Employers are afraid that we, moms, won’t be as committed or physically available to our job as their dad counterparts.

We all want to succeed at a career that we love. Mommies go to college just like dads. We work hard to build our careers and we love what we do. We just love our kids more and, if we can take the choice to stay home, a lot of times we will.

By the way, if you ask most dads, I’m sure they love their kids more than their jobs, too. But no one ever asks them. Employers don’t seem to care.

Sure we, moms, might need a little more flexibility in our work schedules, but I promise you this, you will not find harder workers or women who are more skilled at multi tasking, meeting deadlines and being passionate about what they do than moms.

Would you lie about being a mother in order to get the job?

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