How Do You Sort Laundry?

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How Do You Sort Laundry?

How do you sort laundry? When my first baby joined the family, I had no idea how much extra laundry she would generate. She easily went through three or four outfits a day.

I washed her clothes separately with a special soap, and it became part of the new laundry routine. Less than two years later, my son arrived, and I started to feel like laundry had become the never-ending story.

Babies grow fast, and with them more laundry. I tried to skip sorting laundry and washed everything together to save time. It did save a little time, but the kids’ clothes grew dingy. I went back to sorting.

Laundry Day

As they grew to toddlers, I started keeping a laundry basket in their rooms to collect their dirty clothes. Then I came up with a new plan. I placed a row of four laundry baskets in the walk-in closet. One for whites, one for towels, and one for the dark and medium loads.

The kids learned to place their clothes in the correct basket. I even used it as a learning tool. Red is a dark color, yellow is a medium color, and so on. Plus, when the basket was full I knew I had a full load.

This saved me from sorting laundry, and I’d throw the load in when it was ready instead of waiting to do all in one day. The clothes retain their bright colors and the whites stay white.

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    I don’t have room for multiple laundry baskets… but I love the idea. We keep one large laundry bin, and when it gets too full I have the kids “pick out” the next load to wash. We decide together whether that will be towels, whites, darks, jeans, etc. One of the only things I like about my front-loading washer is my smaller kids can throw the clothes in themselves.

  • Julie C.

    I have been doing this for years too, but only have two baskets per closet — whites and darks. By using the actual laundry baskets, kids know that when one’s full it’s time to bring them down to the machine! At least they’ve learned the first step!