Homemade Holiday Cards the Youngest Kids Can Make

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Homemade Holiday Cards the Youngest Kids Can Make

Finding something for kids to do when the weather is cold, rainy, or the schools have called a snow day can be frustrating. You want them to be busy at something they enjoy, not stuck to electronics, and at the same time you need to get your own stuff done.

What to do?

How about getting them started on homemade holiday cards? Not only will you be sending out unique cards for the holidays, but you will save a lot of money, too. Best of all the kids will be busy long enough for you to get a few things done.

All you’ll need is some colored cardstock and a few supplies.

  • A gold or silver inkpad and some things to use as stamps will allow your kids to create to their hearts’ content. Buttons, leaves, and other shapes can be used to make a variety of holiday designs. Add glue and glitter and let your kids create. You can also buy inexpensive wood stamps, including seasonal phrases, which smaller kids can use to stamp cards with.
  • Have your child use white glue to draw shapes on the front of the cards and then sprinkle them with glitter. When the glue dries, shake the remaining glitter off to reveal sparkly designs.
  • Buy small paper doilies at a party supply company. Together with glitter and glue, they make delicate embellishments on the card stock.
  • Use clear labels to print your holiday message in beautiful fonts and then stick them on the inside of the cards.

Have you or your children made holiday cards in the past? How did you do it?

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