Hobbit Perfume Sampler

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Hobbit Perfume Sampler

I have always loved JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Honestly, I like that book better than the trilogy itself. Notice I said book – I am not a big fan of the movies.

Anyway, anything hobbit-ish has always fascinated me, and apparently I am not the only one. One creative perfumer on Etsy has created an entire line of Hobbit inspired perfumes.

Halfling’s Party

Halflings are hobbits, of course, and they love to eat. This perfume is made of all of the scents of a hobbit feast. Buttered bread, apple caramel tart, rum, red wine, wood, tobacco, and firewood are mixed up to create a warm, autumnal scent.

Dungeon’s Deep

Inspired by the dwarvish race, this perfume is full of the scents of mossy earth, smoky fire, and spice – exactly what you would expect when visiting the realm of the dwarves.

Dragon’s Orb

The Arkenstone was guarded by Smaug and sought by Thorin Oakenshield. This scent is earthy, spicy and just a bit mysterious.

House of Healing

The elves’ kingdom of Rivendell was a place of tranquility – a place to restore your soul. Wild iris, linden, grasses, and oak scents create a woodsy, magical perfume.

Black Arrow

Bard was the hero who slew Smaug the dragon and this bold, somewhat masculine scent celebrates heroism and bravery. Smoke and spice create a adventurous scent.

If you want to wear truly unique scents, then hand blended, artisan fragrances is the way to go. Deep Midnight Perfume Oils is an Etsy shop, so the scents are not always available, but there is sure to be something interesting every time you stop in!

photo credit: Deep Midnight Perfume Oils

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