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Do your kids come right home from school and get started on homework? My girls like to play the dodge and weave homework game. They are the princesses of procrastination. I can’t say that I don’t know where they got it because I do, and I also know that this is not what I want for them.

I understand that they are children and preferring to play over doing homework is natural, but I need to start instilling these good study habits now before they are adults dodging deadlines and procrastinating putting together presentations.

Here is a plan to assist your child in developing successful homework habits that will help him throughout life.

Set aside homework time

In our house, homework is done immediately after my daughters come home, following a snack. They know that from 3:45-4:45, they will be doing homework Monday through Friday.

Schedule assignments

We know that our daughter loves doing her math and isn’t so crazy about rehearsing her violin, so violin is done for the first 20 minutes, followed by her reading log and we end with her math worksheet because it is short and her favorite subject.

Quiet spot to do homework

My daughters have a desk & chair in their room where they do homework. No, television, radio or any other electronic is allowed in this space unless it is directly needed for homework i.e. laptop or iPad. This is their designated study space unless it is on a day when we have ballet, in which case, they do homework at the dining room table while I prepare dinner. That way I am nearby if they need any assistance.

Be available

I am usually working in my office while they complete their homework so I am right around the corner in case of any questions. As they finish each piece of homework, they bring it to me to look over. I do not correct their incorrect answers, but rather ask leading questions to redirect them towards the correct answer.

Don’t do it for them

I know a lot of parents who just get frustrated and do the homework for their child. Not me. Why would I? That cheats them out of learning something, burdens me with homework when I’ve already finished my schooling and teaches them to give up because someone else will cover if they can’t handle it.

Help them. Be available but they have to learn that anything and everything worth having takes hard work and dedication. You can be there to guide them and support them but doing it for them is doing your child a disservice.

Reward Good Work

When my daughters bring home good grades, I praise them. I never belittle them if they are below what I might expect. Of course, like my parents, my expectations are always A’s, but I always try to stay positive.

If they bring home a B, I say great job, next report we will get it up to an A and if you do we can do something special. I have no problem using incentives to get my kids to work hard for good grades. Just like in the real world, if you work hard you will be rewarded with success.

I want my girls to learn a strong work ethic and not be afraid to work for the things they want in the world.

What is your best homework habit for your child?

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  • http://mommeetsblog.wordpress.com/ Mom Meets Blog

    These are great tips! I also review the school’s homework guidelines and expectations with my child to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Check out other tips in my article ‘Help for Homework Hassles’ http://wp.me/p22xxF-uS

  • Julie C.

    I agree with your points. I have one child who does homework with no fuss, puts in great effort, and needs no real supervision. Then I have another who needs lots of hand-holding and guidance and we have to talk through each assignment before he can focus and get started. Whatever your child needs!

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